NZFW x Converse One Stars: the highlights so far

Happy Fashion Week humpday! We’ve had a whirlwind week so far, but possibly the best NZFW yet. In previous years, we’ve definitely felt the need to prioritise style over comfort when it comes to shoes. However, this week we’re scooting around with no need to compromise, thanks to Converse One Stars. If you need some inspo to style your own One Stars, look no further! We’ve rounded up our favourite Converse One Star wearers of the week so far to chat shows, style and obviously, sneakers.


Amber Peebles @amber_peebles

What are you looking forward to most this week?

"Thats a tough one! There’s so much to look forward to. Definitely seeing Wyn Hamlyn’s show, the TK Show on Monday night, seeing friends and having a chance to catch up with them. My friend Beck Wadworth is over from Australia so looking forward to a catch up with her as she has been based out of AU of late." 


How do you define your style?

"Classic with a masculine edge."


What are you pairing your one stars with?

"Wyn Hamlyn Skirt, Ruby Top, Givenchy Handbag & Ellery Spec Saver Sunglasses, Leah Light nails."


Ash Owens @ashowens_

What shows are you attending today?

“I’m going to twenty-seven-names this morning and then Hailwood tonight. Big gap inbetween.”


Exciting! How would describe Fashion Week in three words?

“Surprising, celebratory, fun!”


How are you styling your Converse One Stars today?

“So, I’m wearing a TwentySeven Names top, Koto corduroy shorts, Saben Gita bag. Sunglasses are MinkPink.”


Billie Richards @billierichards

What are you looking forward to most this week?

“Seeing all the different looks and styles out and about across the week for some style inspo…always on the look out for new looks and ideas!”


How do you define your style?

“I don’t define my style by any one sort of genre - I am seriously all over the place.”


What are you pairing your one stars with?

“Moochi black silk slip, Gucci Tshirt, vintage/personalised Denim Jacket, YSL Bag!”


Jaheb Barnett @jahebarnett

What is your favourite emerging trend from NZ Fashion Week?

“I’ve only seen women’s fashion so far so it’s a little bit hard, but what I do like is seeing guys that are showing a lot of colour. They’re not afraid to do something a little different.”


What do you enjoy most about New Zealand Fashion Week? 

“Probably seeing everyone’s individual styles. As much as it is about what’s on the runway, it’s also about all the people that turn up and what they’re wearing, and how they’re showing their personality and attitude.”


Describe Fashion Week in three words?

“Fruity, dramatic, inspirational!”


How are you styling your converse one stars this week?

“Cool, so gone are the days of skinny jeans. I’ve got some faded blue denim (Tommy Hilfiger), you’ve got to have a pair of denim jeans. They’re a relaxed fit, and a little bit rolled up, with white socks on. I’ve got the orange converse sneakers, so I’m rocking a bit of colour there. Federation socks, Zane Robe jacket and tee, belt by Tommy Hilfiger, and Bailey Neilson sunnies.”


Laura Snelling @laura_snelling_


What shows are you walking in this week? 

"None! Its my first year off in 12 years!"


What advice do you have for young, up and coming models? 

"Have confidence! Shake off the nerves backstage before you hit the runway."


How are you styling your One Stars this week? 

"Layering, wide leg pants and colour coordination."



 Renee Brown @renee_brown_

What’s it like backstage?

“Hectic, busy, friendly! The makeup artists and hairstylists are really chatty, which I love.”


How do you define your style?

“I have favourite designers; Trelise Cooper is one of my favourite designers, and I kind of just do my own thing I think. I don’t like to follow a certain trend. I’m very much black and white as well.”


So you don’t follow any rules, you make your own rules?

“Yup, I just like what I like!”


How do the converse one stars fit into your wardrobe this week? 

So good for running around in! I actually wore them to my fitting. They’re perfect, and so comfortable as well. I love wearing flats with dressy things. The best.


Serendipity Ave @serendipity.ave

What do you look forward to most during New Zealand Fashion Week?

Nami: "People watching and getting inspo!"

Pascal: "Just more the street stuff."


What was your highlight from the 27names show?

Pascal: "The colour, I just love all their colours, like usual. They always do really bright colours and flowers, and that’s iconic for them I think."

Nami: "I agree!"


How are you styling your converse one stars this week, going from converse to head?

Nami: "I’m wearing my black and white Converse, an H&M silk skirt, Shop Serendipity Ave Harley Davidson vintage, an oversized Acne leather jacket, and just lightly curled hair and my big hoops because they’re going to be all over me all summer long. Ray Ban sunnies and Serendipity Ave bag."

Pascal: "I am styling my bright silver Converse One Stars with my custom made Miss Crabb dress. I am also wearing my Acne logo tee-shirt with my vintage denim jacket from Shop Serendipity Ave and my Chanel Le Boy bag."


Sam Levi @_samuellevi


What are you looking forward to most this week?

“What people bring style wise! Always love to see how each individual brings their fashion to life through their personality. Also, how Huffer is bringing the rapper Desiigner to give their show a different element and have them stand out.”


How do you define your style?

“Simple & minimalistic - always try to wear a pop of colour in anything I wear, where possible.”


What are you styling your one stars with?

“Ripped blue jeans, red & grey jumper with some Sunglass Hut sunglasses.”


Sammy Salsa @sammysalsastyle

What overarching themes are you seeing for spring this year? 

"Lots of finer detailing and the oversized trend is coming through in a significant way."


What are you looking forward to this week? 

"This week I’m looking forward to the Miromoda showcase. A show that highlights our ethnic kiwi designers."


How are you styling your one stars? 

"I’m styling my One Stars by keeping my outfit neutral and oversized so that the One Stars stand out!"


Tony Collins @twodarkcoffees

What shows are you attending today?

"Today I’ll be attending Swim & Activewear and New Gen Couture." 
What were your highlights from Knuefermann Show?
"The label is well-renowned for its sophisticated and elegant approach to its designs and I think that’s exactly what we saw last night."
What overreaching themes are you seeing for Spring from the shows & those attending this year?
"I definitely think attendees are dressing more weather-appropriate this year. Last year, I think we were all kidding ourselves a bit. It’s Spring, not Summer, right?! As for trends I’m noticing on the runway, I’m glad to see that most designers are avoiding the floral cliche." 
How are you styling your Converse One Stars this week?
"This week I’m adhering to the Converse’s street style take on fashion. I’m pairing my Converse One Stars with a classic straight leg Levi jean, and a clean Saint Morta top."


Yohanis Morgan @rothy.blu


What are you looking forward to most this week?

“Free beers at the after party!”


What shows are you walking in this week?

“Stolen Girlfriends, Zambesi, Huffer and Not For You.”


How do you define your style?

“Cosy, not too styled or thought out - easy going.”


What are you pairing your one stars with?

“Tommy Hilfiger jeans, jumper from an op shop and a bag from Army Surplus.’ 


Zac MacFarlane @zacmacfarlane


What shows are you attending today?

"Today, all of them! 5 million!"


What overarching themes are you seeing for Spring from the shows?

"I’m actually seeing a lot of colour this year, some yellows, some deep mustard oranges, definitely blacks as per usual."


How are you styling your Converse One Stars today?

Right now I’m wearing them with a black and deep navy blue outfit, with a cashmere sweater, and then I’ve got my white one stars which I think blend together really well. My bag is from Minx and sunglasses from Rothlands.


Stay tuned for even more looks coming your way throughout the week!


Photography: Mark Leedom and Jono Parker