This new sleepwear label is a dream come true

There’s a new sleepwear label in town and its fulfilling the dreams of those who are after stylish and comfortable sleepwear, versus overly sexy pieces that abide by the ‘less is more’ adage.

Designed in New Zealand, Laing sleepwear is the result of designer Anna Murray’s desire to find the perfect pyjamas, something that was equal parts comfortable but still retained an air of fashion-forward presentation.

Crafted from fine cotton, the sleepwear is designed to last longer and be loved throughout the seasons, making them much-desired investment pieces.

Formed with the idea of being able to co-ordinate sleepwear according to mood, occasion and time of year, the versatile pieces will allow customers to mix and match their night-time ensembles.

With cotton at the core, the collection will grow to include cashmere and silk in different styles, including socks, shorts and T-shirts being introduced in early 2017, This sleepwear range will allow for wear throughout the hotter and colder seasons, with new styles dropping each season.

Head in store at retailers such as Madder & Rouge, Tessuti, LetLiv & Harry’s of Wellington and check it out here.


Model: Maia Cotton, Photographer: Lula Cucchiara, H&M: Shirley Simpson, Studio: Thievery Studio