Old Meets Knu: A Tale Of Two Icons

From rocking out at the Warped Tour to sweet-talking my mum for my first pair of checkerboard slip-ons, Vans has always been along for the ride — scuffed trucks and all.

Fast forward to 2024, and Vans is looking back on its legacy while riding confidently into the future with its Old Meets Knu campaign. Here, the collision of two icons sparks an exciting blend of classic charm and contemporary flair, embodied by the Old Skool and Knu Skool styles.

With a history steeped in music, fashion, and skate dating back to 1977, the Vans Old Skool sneaker has long been a pillar in the realm of popular culture, with countless legends lacing up in this classic style, such as Tony Hawk and Kurt Cobain. As such, its unmistakable Sidestripe and durable canvas outer cemented its place as a cultural icon —on and off the ramps. And today, with fresh colours and materials, the Old Skool’s legacy only grows stronger. 

The campaign doesn’t just Backside 180 down memory lane, it pushes forward tothe future with the next chapter in Vans’storied legacy — Knu Skool. Guided by skateboarding icon Tony Alva and team rider Breana Geering, Vans pays homage to its roots while embracing innovation. Details like the puffed tongue, 3D Sidestripe and chunky laces pay homage to its Old Skool predecessor whilst embracing a fresh silhouette for the future.

For me? My journey with Vans continues to carve its own path, marked by the echoes of kickflips and the comfort of knowing style and substance is just a lace away.