Nomadic shopping: Look out for the Tosca & Salome fashion bus at Kiwi beaches this summer

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 9.52.58 AM Yes, this is an actual thing, you’re not daydreaming! Beach babes, Bohemian spirits and lovers of festival fashion rejoice, because Tosca & Salome’s Wanderlust Boutique fashion bus is gearing up for a busy summer. Both online and on the move with the latest and greatest treasures from around the globe, Tosca & Salome specialise in stocking brands either undiscovered or unavailable in New Zealand, including the coveted Spell Designs and For Love and Lemons. Check out two For Love and Lemons outfits below... Not to mention, Tosca & Salome has plenty of cheeky cut swimwear brands such as Eau Paix Vie, Acacia Swimwear and Frankies Swimwear to name a few. Want to check out the trinkets and follow their movements? Shop online at Tosca & Salome here and follow them on both Facebook and Instagram for all the latest updates. For Love & Lemons1 For Love and Lemons3