Karen Walker's dreamy new jewellery collection

image004 There are certain things we have come to expect from Karen Walker Jewellery... Quality materials, unique designs and clever pieces. Season after season, the popular Kiwi fashion designer fulfills all our wishes and matches our expectations. This latest season is no different. Channeling the spritely and energetic beginning of spring, Walker reinvents her signature filigree of bunnies, bugs, skulls and peace signs into disk earrings of fine gold. Detailed botanical posies are dotted onto heart pendants and hung on delicate chains. Flower balls meet mini birdhouses and flow from watering cans, and of course there is the signature running girl in the brightest of gold. Check out some pieces in our gallery below. So as summer quickly approaches, Karen Walker’s latest collection has us dreaming of mystical creatures deep in a garden of stocks, lilies and daisies. Playing on childhood memories of fairies and pixies, Karen Walker has designed a collection with playful femininity to take women from day to night. Update your favourite pieces from the collection now; we have a feeling they wont last in store for very long… Visit Karen Walker online here. Words by Isabella van Heusden. [gallery link="file" ids="4429,4430,4431,4432,4433,4434,4435,4436"]