Life of a Rock Star: Gucci's new Men's Tailoring Campaign:

Remix’s all-time fave luxury brand, Gucci, has brought in three idiosyncratic musicians to capture a creative outlet of the rock-star lifestyle. Creative Director Alessandro Michele worked with photographer and director Harmony Korine again to envision a viewpoint of eccentric creatives in a modernised Californian mansion, location in Los Angeles - shot in February. All I can say is - it’s rockin’.

With the bold architectural spaces and the wood exterior and interior of the West Coast pad, musicians A$AP Rocky, Iggy Pop, and Tyler, The Creator hung out with Iggy’s pet parrot, Biggy Pop, and its mate, a blue hyacinth macaw - what a crew! The housemates set the tone of the house just hanging out like a bunch of flatmates decked out in Gucci. Chilling on the greasy terrace in the evening, in the kitchen with a huge pot of spag-bol, and in the living room in the afternoon sun. We can only imagine the chats they would be throwing back and forth. Each to their own powerful personalities, they were able to share the love of the energy created by the trio.  

Giving off strong ‘90s business vibes, Alessandro Michele’s eclectic vision curated a strange, unexpected dialogue. Putting the three cult artists together who have distinctive styles - yet, it works? “The result is a group campaign with three men who I believe had fun too. There is always this image of eccentricity because they are in fact eccentric themselves. A certain type of fun is also portrayed and the idea of how one’s obsession with appearances can create a kind of common ground that can become a sort of brotherhood. It was beautiful to see these three men together, seemingly different but very similar”, explains the Creative Director. “This is another chapter of this journey. With these campaigns, I am working on different ways of being elegant, and these three men embody this idea perfectly. I like to tell the story of elegance in completely arbitrary and unexpected ways. Perhaps elegance is something in the air that sometimes you are not even ready for. Male elegance can be unpredictable and strange.”

Check out the full dialogue here:



Creative Director: Alessandro Michele

Art Director: Christopher Simmonds

Photographer/Director: Harmony Korine

Hair: Paul Hanlon

Make-up: Thomas De Kluyver

Talents: A$AP Rocky; Iggy Pop; Tyler, The Creator




Performed by Cerrone

Written By: Marc Cerrone, Lili Marlene Premilovich, Alain Wisniak

Published By: Kobalt Songs Music Publishing, Because Editions /Concord Music Publishing

Courtesy of Malligator Préférence under license from Because Music