Celebrating 25 years of iconic fashion moments from Sex and the City

As Sex and the City celebrates its 25th anniversary, fans of the groundbreaking show and beloved franchise are taking a  trip down memory lane, relishing in the unforgettable fashion moments that defined the series. The show’s cast is etched in to our memories, much like their distinctive styles, which encompassed everything from high-end couture to vintage finds. We take a look at Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) in her iconic, eclectic, whimsical outfits, Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall) in her sexy take on the working woman’s wardrobe, Charlotte York (Kristin Davis) in timelessly elegant traditional silhouettes, and Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) sporting cleanly tailored suits reflecting her no-nonsense personality.

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Sex and the City showcased an array of iconic looks that left an unforgettable mark on the fashion industry and pop culture. As we celebrate this milestone, we simply can't resist sharing some of our favourite style highlights from each of the leading ladies. Here's to 25 years of fashion-forward storytelling that made us fall in love with the fabulous world of Sex and the City.

Carrie Bradshaw

In her truest form - sporting a fur coat and a fresh pair of Manolo Blahniks. Her style reflects her debatable choices, such as the bird-like fascinator she chose to wear to marry Big. But it will forver be the opening scene of the series that has engrained Carrie Bradshaw in our memories with Carrie strutting through the streets of New York sporting a white tiered tutu paired with a pink top.

Fun Fact: According to the shows stylist Patricia Field, this outfit was $5 from a thrift store.

Miranda Hobbes

She gravitates towards tailored and structured pieces that exude professionalism and power. Her fashion choices reflect her strong, independent personality and convey a sense of confidence. There are moments when she embraces a more relaxed and casual approach, perfectly mirroring the humorous aspect of her sarcastic attitude.

Samantha Jones

The risque character whose fashion choices are as bold and audacious as her personality. Samantha's style is unapologetically sexy and embodies a sense of liberation. She has no time for beating around the bush, literally and figuratively.

Charlotte York

Embodying a timeless and classic sense of style that exudes elegance and femininity. We had to feature her in her wedding gown from the marriage that converted her to Judaism, and to contrast - the sheer red lingerie dress she wore to spice up her relationship with her first husband Trey MacDougal.


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