A Collection Designed With Racers in Mind

Designer Clarence Ruth, renowned for his expertise in crafting impeccably tailored pieces, steps into a new realm with the Tommy Hilfiger and Mercedes-AMG F1 collection. Known for his precision and attention to detail, Ruth embraces this creative challenge, blending his tailored craftsmanship with the dynamic world of sports fashion. This collection is specifically designed with racers in mind, ensuring a seamless fusion of style and performance.

The Tommy Hilfiger and Mercedes-AMG F1 collection draws inspiration from the rich heritage of both brands while looking forward to the future of fashion. This unique collaboration results in pieces that celebrate past achievements and embrace modern design. The collection features bold, colour-blocked varsity jackets, meticulously embroidered chino pants, and stylish soccer jerseys adorned with the racing numbers of the drivers. Each piece is a testament to the synergy between tradition and innovation, creating a timeless yet contemporary look.

Central to this campaign are the racing icons George Russell and Lewis Hamilton, who not only bring their star power but also embody the spirit of the collection. The collection's launch is supported by a three-part docu series titled “What It Takes,” featuring Russell and Hamilton. This series delves into the parallels between high fashion and high performance, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the dedication and precision required in both fields.

This series not only highlights the extraordinary efforts of these athletes but also showcases how the same principles apply to the creation of high-fashion garments. It’s a celebration of excellence, determination, and the pursuit of perfection, whether on the track or in the atelier.

With Clarence Ruth’s creative vision, inspired designs, and the involvement of iconic racers, this collection is a true testament to the power of innovation and heritage.