You'll never guess who the world's highest-paid celebrity of 2017 is

Forbes have released their annual list of the highest-paid celebrities of 2017 - and some of this year's results were surprising!

While the usual suspects were there, the 2017 list featured some more surprising people, and we noted these celebs have kept themselves busy to be racking in some serious cash. 

Topping the list was P Diddy who made a whopping $130 million US in the last year. Although he may not be making music as much as he used to, he is still heavily involved in producing music and with other companies. 

Other names on this list in order of earnings include Beyonce, J.K Rowling, Drake, Cristiano Ronaldo, The Weeknd, Howard Stern and Coldplay. A common theme seems to be of those of the musician genre, but J.K Rowling was definitely a surprise, having majority of her income be from her Harry Potter novels. 

For all these people, their hard efforts have obviously paid off and could discontinue working for the rest of their life if their hearts desired! But let's hope for all our sakes they don't.