What's Happening At The Pony Club

Pony made its name hosting exclusive private functions and after parties for pop artists Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake & DJ Skeet Skeet as well as being the go-to joint at 2am for a dance to some club bangers. Down the red-lit stairs under Showgirls on Customs Street East, this seductive venue has had their interior vamped up to a more plush, sleek and stylish nightclub than ever before. Plus, if ladies need a makeup touch up on their night out, the club hosts makeup artists throughout the week from 12am. Check out the pics below: Pony Club                   Pony Club 2                   Pony Club 3                    
Check out theponyclub.co.nz for upcoming events on the club's calendar, check out your photos in their gallery from your night out, or book out one of their VIP packages in their curtained off area with easy access to your own personally stocked refrigerator for that special night. PIMPING! If you're a bit of a VIP you have no need to fret, The Pony Club's mantra is to be seen, but not to be have been, this club is a hit with the beautiful city folks who might want to hide away from prying eyes. deep house movementIf you consider youurself a lover of deep house The Pony Club offers an invitation only monthly event Deep House Movement which brings together some of Auckland's music and DJ industry faves. This Saturday 19th May, Deep House Movement will be hosting DJs Philippa and Andy Vann. Look out on The Pony Club Facebook page this week to score double, triple passes & more. Pony Club offers dance group performances, burlesque shows, private functions, themed birthdays, speciality occassion, dance gigs, DJ marathons, live comedy and music. The Pony Club houses international talent on a regular basis. The Pony Club, 55 Customs Street East, Auckland 1010 theponyclub.co.nz facebook.com/ponynz