There's going to be a fourth Powerpuff Girl!

The famous trio is to become the famous four - as according to Entertainment Weekly, a mysterious fourth Powerpuff Girl is on the cards...

We aren't quite sure how this will pan out... is she a long lost sister? Or another experiment of Professor Utonium? All we know is that we are ready and willing to return to Nostalgic city one last time. 

Entertainment Weekly posted a little teaser of a photo showcasing a mysterious silhouette of this fourth Powerpuff Girl to-be... 

Along with Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup, this new mysterious character will be revealed in the five-episode movie The Powerpuff Girls: The Power of Four, which premieres on September 17th on Cartoon Network.

The reintroducing of The Powerpuff Girls has seriously left us in mourning over some of our other favourite '90s children cartoons. If we could bring back our beloved kiddie cartoons, these would be our top pick:

1. The Wild Thornberry's

Airing in 1998, The Wild Thornberry's imprinted Nigel Thornberry's famous "Smashing!" into our minds, which will forever be unheard. Long gone are the days of jealousy towards Debbie's cool demeanour, including her oversized pants and messy golden locks. Our yearning to communicate with animals continues, along with our yearning for one more binge of the eccentric family.

2. Rugrats

Staying with us throughout our childhood since 1991, Rugrats literally grew up with us whilst we were rugrats ourselves. From Angelique Pickles and her terrifying doll Cynthia (which still intimidates us now) to Chuckie and his constant bad luck, the Rugrats need a comeback. Although All Grown Up! satisfied us for a short while, nothing will beat the OG Rugrats and their antics.

3. Hey Arnold

Our favourite football head (and our only football head) Arnold, is dearly missed. Helga's continuous 'playing hard to get' or in other words, bullying, made this cartoon the most tragic love story of its day. There's no denying we all had a crush on Arnold as a youngin - and if you didn't, you're either lying or... you're lying. 

4. Lizzie McGuire

Lizzie McGuire made us want our own mini-me talking sub-conscience that commentated on our lives and embarrassments. Lizzie's crazy family and pestering little brother would soon become relatable to us as we turned into a tween, along with friend-zoning our guy best friend. It's okay Gordo, we'd date you any day! Silently hoping Hilary Duff and the clan organizes a Lizzie McGuire reunion!

5. Courage the Cowardly Dog

Whoever invented this programme is seriously disturbed... however, we aren't complaining. Despite providing us with a few terrifying nightmares, Courage the Cowardly Dog was the golden stature of Cartoon Network. Grandpa Eustace and his temper-tantrums and Grandma Muriel who appeared oblivious to everything, even when a monster was gnawing her dog's head off, kept us entertained for hours! Move over IT movie... bring Courage back!


Image Credits: Entertainment Weekly; Cartoon Network, Buzzfeed, Pinterest,, The Odyssey Online, Yesmovies