Your Summer Evening Sorted: A night out at the cricket – tried & tested by the Remix team

Remix-cricket-1 This year at Remix we’ve decided to spend more time doing activities as a team – you know, other than spending weekends and all hours of the evening together when on print deadline. Our first group activity, decided by the boss man himself, was a Friday night outing to the cricket – the 1st ANZ T20 BLACKCAPS v Pakistan match, to be precise. Remix-cricket-8 Personally, I’ve always thought that to go to a cricket match, you really have to know all of the ‘innings and outs’ of the sport, but I swiftly found that the game is actually just as much a social occasion - and that most of the people around us were in big groups chatting away, enjoying a drink, a laugh, and of course, a hot dog (or two). Remix-cricket-13 The mood of everyone at Eden Park was so energetic and social. Huge fire flames erupted near the crowd when the BLACKCAPS hit a 6 and a few good old-fashioned Mexican waves were thrown around just to top the camaraderie off! The cricket is the perfect setting for a group on a warm summer evening – an activity that can either be the starter to a night out (just keep those round of beers flowing) or just the right amount of socialising after work while still getting home at a reasonable hour. Remix-cricket-7 There are great deals on mate’s packs and kid’s tickets, so head along here for tickets and more schedule information. #BACKTHEBLACKCAPS on: Facebook:  Instagram: @BLACKCAPSNZ Twitter: @BLACKCAPS IMG_6063