Queen Elizabeth II has four cocktails a day!

When you're the Queen, you can pretty much do what you want right? Turns out the Queen abides by these rules and finds herself downing FOUR cocktails a day! 

Some inside secrets of the Queen's specific requirements were leaked, and if you weren't already jealous of the Queen's lavish lifestyle then you will definitely be now. 

Alongside the four cocktails a day, the Queen also has a favourite cake which is made my her Buckingham Palace chef's for her to have a slice of every day. 

Her drink choice is just as classy as her, with a gin and Dubonnet with lemon and "a lot of ice" before lunch, and during lunch she will have a piece of chocolate and a glass of wine upon finishing her meal. Then according to her cousin Margaret Rhodes, she has a gin during lunch, which means by around 1pm she has already consumed 3 alcoholic beverages.

Then to end her day on a high note, she has a glass of Champagne right before bed - only the best for her Royal Highness. 

No judgement here Elizabeth, you are living the life we all wish we could!