Princess Bootcamp is a thing!

Have you ever wondered how Emma Watson mastered her role as Belle in her new film Beauty and the Beast? The answer is Princess Bootcamp - and yes it is a real thing. Before Watson could step into the shoes of the princess who finds her prince, she had to go through three months of training. 

The actress revealed in a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon that she got to ride horses, learn how to waltz and have intense singing lessons during the bootcamp. We're pleased to know Watson didn't need a stunt double for the most part, however when Fallon asked if she still had some waltz moves up her sleeve, Watson joked, 'I could stumble my way through something reasonable.'

Beauty and the Beast became the highest grossing film of the year, accumulating more than $1 billion at the worldwide box office. 'It's crazy,' Watson said in regards to how well the romantic fairy tale has done; 'it just means people love the film, which is so awesome,' she added. 

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