Mila Kunis bought her wedding ring for $90

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have always been pretty low-key about their marriage. It's easy to forget the two met when Mila was just 14-years-old and that their first kiss (on camera), a year later, was the actresses first real kiss ever. Fast forward 16 years and the two are happily married with a child; talk about rom-com material! 

But just because they're famous Hollywood celebrities, doesn't mean they're throwing hundreds of thousands down on their wedding rings. In fact, Mila just told Conan the couple bought their wedding rings on the website Etsy, a site known for affordable arts and crafts.


'My husband and I got married and he got me a beautiful engagement ring, but for our wedding bands for when we got married, I decided to just get them off Etsy'. 

'I wanted the thinnest possible platinum band,' Mila said, adding that she was turned off by astronomical prices elsewhere. After finding a $90 band for herself and a $100 one for Ashton, she was sold. 

Check out the video below: