In conversation with Stan Walker about his memoir, inspirations, and where to next

With 2020 bringing the light on to many of our talented Kiwi artists, it’s always rewarding to look at our ever-evolving musical legends. We talked to the Kiwi singer-songwriter, Stan Walker, the man who’s got many talents under his belt, about his goals for his life and career, what he's most thankful for, and the inclusivity in the NZ music industry.

Are you excited for a splendid Kiwi summer? What are your plans? Any shows we should look forward to?

I’m so pumped for summer and for some downtime. Spending time with the whanau- I have Christmas in New Zealand with my wonderful future wife Lou – then early January some beautiful time with my Mama and Pappa in Aussie! I miss them both so much. Then, I’ll back in NZ for a very exciting run of shows - stay tuned.


You must be so stoked for being able to tour even during tough times! How does it feel and what are you most excited for?

2021 I am blessed with some brilliant festival events - ONE LOVE in February which for me is always a very, very special event (shout out to the team PATO - I love you guys) - Selwyn Sounds and Homegrown in March. I’m busting to play Major Flavours - the MAI FM Auckland event! So many great acts on the bill!


I’ve been listening to your music since 11 years ago. How do you think you’ve evolved as a musician throughout the years?

I feel the greatest evolution is in my songwriting. I have been privileged to work with some FIRE writers - I am currently working on a song with Jojo. And just working with brilliant writers like Parson James,  Matt Sadgrove and Vince Harder have helped me shape the way I want to write and co-write my songs. I feel that my evolution has been to bring MY story into my Songwriting - my last three releases, BIGGER, GIVE and CHOOSE all reflect what’s in my heart. I have a whole new album of songs that I have co-written coming in 2021- I feel so proud of this collection- my most personal!

Superdry has some unique designs catering to many different wearers! I especially love the mix of texts and imagery! What do you LOVE about Superdry and their latest campaign?

I love its spirit - it makes me feel good and wanna get up and dance every time I put anything on from Superdry.


How do you yourself align with the brand? They do so many sportswear and streetwear!

I am the number ONE fan! Ask the Auckland Store team! Superdry is perfect – you never feel underdressed or overdressed - super clever design I’d say!


How would you describe your own sense of style? Everyone has different styles so it would be great to know more about yours!

My own personal style would have to be described best by being free, eclectic, no rules, lots of colours, brave and fun. Sort of reflects back to who I am!

I cannot leave the house without jewellery… What’s the one item of clothing you can’t travel without?

Such an impossible question! If you have been backstage in my dressing room at a concert, you know I don’t travel light. My Manager knows when I fly it’s always an extra suitcase (I always carbon offset!). You gotta have as many options as possible!


Can’t disagree with you there! What are your thoughts on New Zealand’s music scene compared to the international?

New Zealand inspires me so deeply because the greatest resource in  NZ is her people. We punch above our weight in the film, in sport, design and particularly in music. The NZ Music Awards showed great diversity but also had a great spirit of solidarity. I am so proud to call the NZ music industry my whanau.


Everyone’s raving about your memoir book. You must be so happy with it! What did you expect with the outcome? I feel like it must be very special to you and your family.

Everyone has a story to tell, I am humbled that people found their story -  or part of it and something they could relate to in mine.


Now, where do most of your creativity come from? What are you most influenced by? 

Without question the beautiful spirit and purpose of Maori art and culture for sure.


You’re in inspiration to young Kiwi artists, so, what’s your number one advice for those who are wanting to start their career in music?

START IT! A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. Get your music out there on streaming platforms, get a YouTube and get some content up.  One of the world’s next break-through stars I forecast currently is recording music in their bedroom in N