Editor's Diary: Pimping Rides & Stain Removal (Odd Bedfellows)

            It’s always a good day when we finish a deadline! I guess that’s also good news for you because it means a fresh delivery of Remix goodness in the very near future! Tina Moore Remix Editor's Diary Basically today involved catching up on a whole lot of admin that I’ve left by the wayside while I’ve been caught up finishing the summer issue (apologies to everyone I’ve ignored in the past couple of weeks)… Despire the boring admin, I still managed to enrich my life in a couple of ways today. Firstly, I pimped my ride with some sweet tints for my car. I know, I know. I have girl-racer tendencies; it’s weird. The Remix team laugh openly at my love for all things vehicular. It’s not what you’d expect of an editor that’s for sure. Laugh away, I say. I bloody love my car. I’m also psyched about going away for a whole day next week courtesy of BMW for a day of test-driving new models. I’ll post about that afterwards. Secondly, during a nice (boozy) little post-deadline lunch at Prego with the team to celebrate the end of the issue, Sophie managed to spill something oily on her silk Kate Sylvester dress. Devastating! However, a team googling session came up with a solution - apply talcum powder to the stain for 20 minutes and the brush it off and hey presto, stain is GONE! You learn something new every day. Right, I’m outta here for the weekend. I am looking forward to a couple of days off after several solid weeks of work, I look forward to putting my feet up and chillaxing in the sun. Have a good one folks! Tina x