The dinner party we'd all love an invite to

As Obama's administration comes to a close, it is only fitting to look back over the best State Dinners hosted by the much-loved couple. It's one of Washington's most sought-after invites to a night full of glamour, fine food and entertainment held in honour of a foreign head of state. 

Michelle and Barack - the youngest couple to occupy the White House since John and Jackie Kennedy - have put a modernised twist on these traditional, formal dinners. From edgy entertainers including Beyonce, John Legend and Gwen Stefani and White House grown ingredients on the menu, to beautiful floral decor and a broad guest list, Michelle and Barack really brought their own style to each dinner. 

Not only VIP guests and movie stars were invited, but occasionally 'regular Americans' made the list for their touching stories. Definitely a dinner party we'd be RSVP'ing to!

From Barack's lovable smile to Michelle's stunning gowns, check out our favourite State Dinner moments below:

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Images from Getty Images via Vogue