a pop of art

  Andy Warhol Fashion Pop Art ExhibitionWords by Steven Fernandez.   Whether you’re an art enthusiast or an occasional admirer of all things creative, Andy Warhol needs no introduction. As a pioneering artist of the artistic movement of “Pop Art”, Warhol's world-famous work explores the relationship between artistic expression, celebrity culture and advertisement.   Screenprinted images formed the backbone of Warhol’s practice and the subject of his screenprints entered the realm of "Pop Art" through his trademark coloring and screen print production techniques.   Don’t miss an opportunity to check out some of Warhol’s work and learn more about one of the most prominent artists to emerge from the swinging sixties – a time of cultural liberty and frivolity when mass-production and consumerism emerged. This exhibition covers major themes in his works - skulls, Chairman Mao, Marilyn and the electric chairs.   Give yourself a pop of culture and get down to the Gow Langsford Gallery on Auckland’s Kitchener Street 
before it ends on 11 May 2013!