The insta-famous 19-year-old behind this eco movement

In the worlds of art, fashion and Instagram, environmental awareness can all too easily be side-stepped. But 19-year-old blogger, designer and artist Elizabeth Farrell wants to make the planet cool again. Literally.

She's a London-based DIY activist using the superhero pseudonym Glacier Girl.  One epic slogan shirt, designer collaboration, dazzling installation and powerful conference at a time, she’s subverting traditional activism and engaging the internet to make climate change awareness chic. 

Prior to studying geography and environmental studies at university, Farrell became inspired by the powerful photographic feminist movements of Instagram and the possibility to analogously combine art with her passion - climate change. 


The result is her project Remember the Glaciers, a unique and engaging collection of photographs and art pieces, created in collaboration with New Zealand photographer Connie Farrell and brands such as Lazy Oaf to"raise awareness about climate change, adapting the aesthetic of 'eco-friendly'". Or in other words, she's saving the world and looking damn good doing it.


Farrell hopes she can use clothing in comparable manner to  billboards, and photos to subvert traditional notions of "environmentally friendly" - for example, working with a blue palette rather than the traditional green.

Check out this cool girl's work here on her Instagram or head to her Facebook for further info.