Why your fake lashes may be wrong for you

As if we haven't watched enough YouTube make up tutorials already - we all know the fake lashes bring together the whole look, but one size does not fit all. Choosing the wrong faux lashes can make you look like a doll, and not a pretty one. 

Shopping for fake lashes can be a mare as you stare into the infinite rows of 'same, same but different' styles. Which ones do you buy, how do the individual ones work and will they be too dramatic? These are the questions we must ask. We're going to break down the steps to buying the ideal set so that you can avoid the fake lash fail.

Types of lashes

Lashes come in all shapes and sizes; individual, strip and halves. 

Individual Lashes are perfect for the everyday look. They look natural and can cater to every eye shape as you have the flexibility to add them anywhere on the eye where you need more flutter. 

Strip Lashes are best for a night out. They give a fuller look that will make you feel like a million bucks.

Half Lashes give off a winged eye look when you apply them at the end of your lashes. They're easy to apply and can glam up your look without making things look too dramatic. 

Types of strip lashes

Starter lashes will give you a natural look, almost as if your lashes had a triple coat of mascara on. The lashes will look best if you choose a pair that is similar to the length of your real lashes. The whole point is that they don't look fake, right?

Dramatic lashes go hand in hand with a smokey eye as the dark blends of eyeshadow will make the lashes fit in effortlessly. 

The light and bright lashes are feathered which means they are less heavy and more 'pretty'- perfect for lighter eye shadows. 

Cat eye lashes work like half lashes where they give you a winged eye look and lengthen the eye. 

Round eye lashes bring the eyes inwards. The longest lashes are at the centre of the eye and the shorter ones are at the ends. 

Types of eye

Almond shaped eyes have a wide centre, pointed ends and the iris is usually slightly covered by the upper and lower lids (think Kendall Jenner or Beyonce). Luckily, most styles of lashes suit this eye. If the goal is to widen the eye, then go with lashes that are fluffier in the middle and if the goal is to lengthen the eye, then go with cat eye lashes. 

Round eyes have a visible iris (think Katy Perry). Choosing curled lashes lifts the eye and embraces the full shape of it. Avoid using heavy and dramatic lashes as they may make your eyes appear smaller. 

Small eyes (think Selena Gomez). This smouldering look can be enhanced by using individual lashes to the outer corners of the eye. A natural looking full strip lash with crisscross hairs can also volumise your lashes.

Monolids means that there is no crease to the eyelid (think Lui Wen). Open up the eye by applying fluffy and multi layered lashes. Crisscross hairs will work to dramatise the eyes. 

Close set eyes suit lashes that are more dramatic on the outer corners as they work to drag the eyes out. 

Deep set eyes sit underneath the brow bone (think Angelina Jolie). These elegant looking eyes suit lashes that curl away from the eye, which also avoids the lashes brushing up against the brow bone!

Up turn eyes have outer corners that point higher than the inner corners (think Taylor Swift). These eyes are perfect for a winged effect which emphasises the outer corners. 

Hooded eyes do not have an obvious eyelid when the eye is open. Long and wispy lashes are perfect for opening up the eye. 

photo credit: Marieclaire.com, Eonline.com