Fire Dye is the mood ring for your hair

If you’ve ever found yourself crippled with indecision when faced with the colour selection at the hair salon - good news. Science has joined forces with fashion to produce a unique and simply magical solution: colour changing hair dye.

Fire Dye is the brainchild of British “Unseen Alchemist” aka Lauren Bowker, who first released this dynamic new product during the Storm Show at London Fashion Week and quickly stirred up a frenzy of interest across the globe.

One application of Fire Dye will coat your locks in temperature-sensitive, carbon-based molecules that express different colours upon exposure to different environments. A blast of chilly wind could see your hair evolve into blue hues, whilst a hot shower could metamorphose the pigments into a warm red tone . The concept is not dissimilar to mood-rings, but using less toxic materials to minimise hair and scalp damage.

Bowker claims she created fire hair dye just by “messing around in the lab”. Currently Fire Dye is available in brighter or more pastel varieties, but Bowker is now studying the environment across various countries and working to tailor her product to different weather patterns.

Fire-dye is still undergoing production safety testing, but we're promised retail access soon. In the meantime, dazzle yourself with videos of the dye in action here or check out the Unseen Alchemist on Instagram.