A guide to AHAs: The benefits & how to use them explained

AHAs, also known as the wonder ingredients for revitalised and refreshed skin, have become pivotal in daily skincare as of recent. But, the question is, what superpowers do these ingredients really have and what do they do? Me Today, the wellness and skincare brand behind the coveted Women’s Daily AHA Exfoliant topping beauty bloggers hit lists, are here to answer the tough questions...

What is an AHA Exfoliant?

AHAs or alpha hydroxy acids are a series of acids such as lactic, citric and glycolic that are natural and found in several plants and foods. AHAs are also known as a chemical exfoliant; they work by lifting and exfoliating away dead-skin cells on the upper surface of the skin, revealing the healthy new skin underneath for a brighter, refreshed and smoother complexion. AHAs are also water-soluble, meaning they can’t penetrate the skin’s natural oils and in turn help lock-in hydration. 

What are the benefits of AHAs?

AHAs exfoliate and dissolve the bonds holding dead skin cells together on the upper layer of the skin, also known as the epidermis. This then enables the acids to target the beneath layer (the dermis) including producing collagen production in the skin. This process leads to a quicker cell turnover which aids with lightening pigmentation and sun-damage as well as evening out skin tone. The appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and scars can also be improved through the use of AHAs. 

How do you use an AHA Exfoliant?

When using a new skincare product the key is to start gradually and to build up to frequent use. Similar to retinoids, the skin needs time to adapt acids. Begin by using AHA 1-2 times a week and build up to daily use. Gently tap into your skin once cleansed and toned and there’s no need to wash off, just let it do its magic! 

What ingredients are in Me Today’s Women’s Daily AHA Exfoliant?

Me Today’s AHA Exfoliant has been developed with nine essential nutrients, and also boasts a recipe rich in botanicals, antioxidants and vitamins. The hero ingredients are lactic and glycolic acids that work together to brighten, smooth, and soften your skin. Lactic acid attracts, absorbs, and holds onto water, meaning that it keeps your skin hydrated and smooth, whilst glycolic acid stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid and increases moisture uptake which boosts your skin's hydration levels. Me Today products are made in New Zealand with the highest quality, vegan-friendly ingredients and stored in recyclable glass bottles with love.