Does wine make you a good painter? Auckland’s wine and paint nights

For years, the scientific community has been trying to prove what every wine lover has come to know: drinking wine makes your life drastically better in every way. From general health to warming you up on a winter’s night, wine may be to life’s mundane activities what Panadol is to pain. Even better, wine may even hold the secret to unlocking the artistic genius in us all. Don’t take our word for it either. All over Auckland punters are throwing their skepticism to the side and beginning to embrace their inner artistic selves, albeit after a few Sav’s and Merlots to expand their creativity.

Wine and painting has made its way into pubs, cafes, restaurants and studios all over Auckland. From organized evenings to intimate studio sessions there is a wine and painting to suit everyone. And you need not be a Rembrandt in the making either. Step-by-step, glass-by-glass, wine and painting classes are just as good for beginners as they are for the artistic aficionados.

Here are three businesses helping Aucklanders to paint up a storm:




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Inspired by their love to share their passion for art, owners Laurie and Cassandra created Mixing It Up; a paint and wine experience you can find at a few of everyone’s favorite locals. From Little Easy to Gypsy Caravan, Mixing It Up is fast becoming one of Auckland’s more popular wine and paint events. Perfect for Hen’s Nights, Birthdays, Work Dos and team building events, the team at Mixing It Up are giving Aucklanders a chance to create something they can be truly proud of while getting a few laughs out of it too.


“Drink. Paint. Just don’t drink the paint.” The team at Cork and Canvas brought their two greatest passions together to bring their unique wine and painting nights to downtown Customs Street at REC bar. Step-by-step, the team at Cork and Canvas guide their patrons as they paint timeless paintings such as Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” and Van Gogh’s “Starry Night.” Owners, Alex and Denym, are proud of their “cocktail of creativity” and encourage everyone to grab a brush and start painting.



Located in a spacious studio out in Auckland’s Birkenhead, Taste for Colour is the only wine and paint business with their own premises. Safe to say, for owners and husband/wife duo Chris and Cindy, Taste for Colour is a true passion. Having witnessed its success in his American homeland, Chris brought the concept back to New Zealand and both he and his wife started their budding business on the Shore. Having already held events for some of New Zealand’s favourite businesses, the TFC team are well on their way to Paint and Wine domination. Offering painting 6 days of the week, to adults and children, this busy business has really found the right acrylic mix.

Feature image: Cork and Canvas