Win a NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto machine & top tips for enhancing creativity

While we may think of creativity as writing a novel, painting a masterpiece or recording an album, experts say being creative can be anything from trying your morning coffee a new way, to making a new recipe for dinner or submitting an original idea during a meeting.

Being creative is a fun outlet and for some, it’s a must in their everyday jobs… so what do you do when you feel like your creative juices have all dried up?

  1. Listen to music

Really focussing on listening to music stimulates the part of our brain that controls motor actions, emotions, and creativity. For an added boost, according to The Mozart Effect, listening to Mozart can increase creativity, concentration and other cognitive functions. It’s not clear if this effect works for everyone, but it can’t hurt to try!

  1. Write by hand

Sometimes putting down your laptop and picking up a pen is the best remedy! The whole experience of writing by hand can be all it takes to get the creative juices flowing again.

  1. Meditate

Over thinking can be the worst thing if you feel stuck in a creative rut, but sometimes it’s impossible to shut off! When panic strikes, try meditating.  The exercise promotes divergent thinking, a state of mind in which we’re able to generate new ideas.

  1. Daydream… after getting started

While research has shown that daydreaming can help with creativity as it allows for the incubation of ideas, it’s important to note that they also say daydreaming only works when you’ve already committed effort towards a project! So be sure to get started on your project before drifting off.

  1. Expand creativity with lists

Creating interesting lists about the things in your life you care about the most helps expand the creative thought process. Think of it as brains!

In possibly the coolest thing a brand could do, NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto have teamed up with multi-talented musician for their new ‘Creativity Reinvents the Classics’ campaign.

The collaboration was made to show the parallels between the creative processes of reinvention – and how they’re similar in both coffee making and music making. Here’s’s take on creativity…

Q: What does creativity mean to you?

A: In my mind, creativity is a way to describe how I express myself; being creative is a fundamental part of who I am. It’s a language I communicate with everyone, no matter what nationality, race, gender or age.

Q: When you’re creating music, how do you get those creative juices flowing – what inspires you?

A: When I feel passionate about something that’s happening to me or in the wider world, that’s when I feel inspired to create music. If my mind’s not trying to fix something or create something, I don’t know what to do. It just throws me off.

Q: Why did you choose to do this collaboration?

A: I chose to collaborate with NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto because the core of the campaign is around exploring creativity, which is a huge part of who I am and central to what I do.

Also, as a big fan of technology, I was struck with the modern design and the advanced features of their coffee machines.

Q: Can you tell us the similarities between making music and the way NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto makes coffee? (tech, design etc)

A: In music, being creative is the only way to outperform. You constantly need to push your boundaries and re-invent yourself to come up with a music hit.  Similarly, at NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto the coffee creators use all their creative energy to set their coffee apart from the rest and offer an exciting and premium coffee experience – that’s what I learned from Ola on set!

Head here for a behind the scenes video with and to be in the draw to win a NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto machine, just comment below with your top tip for enhancing creativity.