The latest beverage all coffee lovers need to know about

Kombucha is the newest craze in the health beverage world and is the holy grail for gut health and improving immunity. From recent experience, I can say it works wonders for my body and now can proudly say I’m a total fan of the fermented refreshment.

Daily Organics + L’affare have just introduced the launch of their new coffee kombucha termed KOFFUCHA. Okay, lets just take a second to take in how paradigmatic that new expression is. The pairing of coffee and kombucha is god’s gift to coffee addicts and health conscious individuals.

I always pair my morning commute with a hot espresso daily. Coffee kick-starts my body into work-mode and awakens me from a state of sleep deprivation. Honestly, without coffee I don’t know what and where I’d be. So being an avid coffee lover myself, I am in complete admiration over this new concoction.


KOFFUCHA is the carbonated beverage that combines the powers of organically certified kombucha with cold brewed organic coffee. The delightful combination of two of my new and old favourites will have everyone bouncing with joy. I haven’t seen a more iconic pairing since cheese and wine and that really says something.


Since establishing in 1990 in Wellington, L’affare has become one of New Zealand’s most loved coffee brands, and after this iconic collaboration has cemented them as a modern thinking company heading to change coffee fanatics everywhere. Likewise, Daily Organics has proven to be a year-round favourite kombucha for New Zealanders everywhere.

Today see’s men and women trying to keep up with the newest of trends and health tips to keep them ahead of the health game. KOFFUCHA is ‘that’ drink that will keep you ahead this chilly season. The dream-team combo is set to be the go-to drink of the season and will satisfy even the most health conscious of individuals, all in its sleek black package.