The healthy dinner trend taking NZ by storm: BOWL'D

When you’re working a 9-5 job, it’s often difficult to find an ideal meal that’s healthy and nutritious, but also not on the heavier side. Sure, meal prepping would be the best alternative and a real money-saver. But, have you ever felt a little tired of having the same meals? Or you just simply had no time that week (or lazy like me). Well, BOWL’D is here to feed you all the goods. 

I’m always on a health-rollercoaster ride. When I’m feeling I should be healthy I’ll make a bowl of salad with a bit of protein. Healthy? Yes. But am I satisfied? No. And there are days when I want something that’s got it all - carbs, veggies, protein and a bit of dressing for a kick. BOWL’D brings us just that. Something that’s more fulfilling and satisfying than a salad, something warm, and something that’s light like a salad. They bring us real food all in just one bowl! 

Each and every bowl is filled with fresh ingredients that are of the highest of qualities, inspired by flavours all around the world. Such as Korea, Japan, Mexico, Indonesia, the USA, Turkey, and the Middle East. BOWL’D is here to please just about everyone with any preferences. Whether you just want something easy on the go for yourself, or simply want to feed the family - they’re able to cater to your every need.


This new easy-dinner trend is going to be taking New Zealand by storm. BOWL’D delivers great flavours, nutritious bowls with a taste from around the world - after all, we won’t be able to travel overseas, so why not travel through food? The menu features a diverse range of hot and palatable bowls including a variety of plant-based, vegetarian and gluten options so that no one misses out.

BOWL’D is a virtual restaurant, meaning that they serve customers exclusively through virtual ordering platforms like Uber Eats. Their most popular bowls are: the Donburi Bowl, Korean BBQ Bowl and the Buddha Bowl which is my fave - their falafels are next level!


I’m already on the Uber Eats app as I write... That’s how addictive they are. Plan your meal ahead of time with BOWL’D, perhaps tonight’s quick and easy dinner maybe? 


Order yours here! So easy.