Rotorua Canopy Tours – what an adventure!

We sent Remix Business Manager Billie Richards on a mission to Rotorua, to see what all the fuss was about over much talked-about Rotorua Canopy Tours.

The new Ultimate Canopy Tour is an absolute passion project, headed up by Paul Button (General Manager). This premium experience has tourists from all walks of life raving about Canopy Tours, and we are yet to meet an adventurer with a negative review. There are six ziplines, three bridges, a controlled descent and a suspended cliff walk. Eeeeek!

Though the tour takes place SO high up, Billie’s first comment was how safe and encouraging the staff were – she never felt in danger! This is thanks to the wonderful guides as well as the most advanced engineering structure married into the old forest. Though feeling safe, there was still plenty in store to get her heart pumping; five flights of steel stairs suspended between two 1000-year-old Rimu trees and the massive 400-metre zipline were the scariest, but the most exhilarating! Billie also found herself captivated by the suspended cliff walk. It’s not every day you have a view like that over an ancient, unspoiled forest floor!

Overall, Billie rates the whole experience an 11/10 and encourages all of us to get amongst this amazing experience ASAP!

Canopy Tours

147 Fairy Springs Road