London could be getting a giant globe-shaped concert hall

A giant-globe shaped concert hall could be making it’s debut in London, with the American major sports and entertainment firm, Madison Square Garden, planning on venturing out of the states to bring a state of the art event venue to their British counterparts. 

While the idea is still in the planning phases, the venue is visioned to be a 130-metre tall spherical concert hall, meaning that it would rise taller than the St Paul’s Cathedral and double the size of the Olympic Park that it will sit closely too. 

Taking the shape and appearance of a golf ball, the uniquely designed concept will be able to accomodate 20,000 people and the seating will be arranged in a 360 degree bowl style. MSG has supposedly hired an architecture firm that is  based in London called Populous to start unravelling the idea and draw up plans for the venue to sit in Stratford. 

MSG are renowned in the entertainment and sporting industry in America and currently operate the iconic and legendary Madison Square Garden and Radio City Music Hall in New York as well as the Forum in California. If they get the green light to go ahead with their new idea in London, this would be the companies first venue outside of the USA.

(Image from Dezeen)