Letting your pet sleep on your bed is good for you

Do you let your furry friend share the bed with you? 

A new study that has been released by the Mayo Clinic suggests that those who have a snuggle with their cat or dog sleep better. In a survey of 150 patients that asked questions about their sleep habits and their pets found that those who spend the night with their pet feel more safe and secure. 

A single 64-year-old woman commented that she felt more content when her small dog slept under the covers near her feet, as noted in the study. Another woman, who was married, described her two small dogs as bed warmers, and a third described her cat sleeping on her chest as ‘soothing’.

Researchers found that 56 percent of pet owners allow their cat or dog to sleep with them at night.

‘Many pet owners view companion animals as family members that they wish to incorporate into as many aspects of their life as possible,’ write the authors of the study.

Good news, pet lovers - let the snuggles continue!