Learn how to use Spotify Premium from Broods!

BROODS1 If you’ve ever thought about taking the leap to Spotify Premium for all the added benefits then now is the time, as Telecom joins forces with Spotify to offer Spotify Premium for free on selected mobile plans. We’re not ones to say ‘We told you so’, but if you’ve recently started using Spotify Premium and realised just how awesome it is then, well, we told you so! Team Remix has been singing the praises of Spotify since day one and it’s thanks to Spotify Premium that we’re up to date with all the latest tunes. Check out our favourite sounds right now on the Remix playlist on the opposite page. Spotify is cool, we’ll tell you that much for free. However, it’s Spotify Premium that is seriously cool. If you’re that one person in your office still using the free service, bugging everyone around you with the ads, then now is the time to make that change to Spotify Premium and realise the full potential of what this globally innovative music software has to offer. To show how easy it is to use Spotify Premium on mobile, Telecom and Spotify have teamed up with Auckland-based electro pop duo Broods (Georgia and Caleb Nott) to film a short and sweet educational video. The siblings, who received critical and commercial acclaim globally after dropping their self-titled EP Broods earlier this year, love to use Spotify on the go. “We always listen to Spotify on tour and make playlists for the plane rides or to ease our nerves before gigs”, says Caleb. “So the video is really about showing others how easy it is to use.” Broods’ debut album will be released in September of this year and feature their newest single ‘Mother and Father’, which was performed for the first time to music industry VIPs and media at an exclusive showcase presented by Telecom and Spotify last month. Of the three available Spotify services – Free, Unlimited and Premium – only Spotify Premium subscribers receive ad-free, on-demand access to Spotify’s enormous catalogue, which they can listen to online, as well as sync to play offline, in the highest quality audio. Take particular note of that last bit – the highest quality audio! Even though what you hear through the Free service is great, the quality through Premium is even better. Spotify Premium offers crystal clear sharp audio, so you can truly appreciate the sounds you know and love. Never has there been a better time to make the change than now, because the crew at Telecom has joined forces with Spotify to offer Spotify Premium for free and exclusively on selected mobile plans. All Telecom customers who use the $29 Ultra Mobile prepaid value pack or who are signed up to the $59 monthly Ultra Mobile plan or higher, will receive a SpotifyPremium subscription (worth RRP $12.99 per month) at no additional cost. Existing customers on these plans qualify automatically for the subscription. Click here for more information.