Kanye West set to expand into architecture

Kanye West has announced that he will be tapping into the architecture and design industry. The rapper recently said on Twitter that he was going to be starting an architecture arm called Yeezy Home. 

Imagine, one day very soon fans of Kanye might be able to wear his latest clothes from his hugely successfully Yeezy fashion label while also listening to his latest album drop in a home  or space designed by the rapper himself! 

In his announcement he also put out the call that he was looking for architects and industrial designers who want to make the world a better place. Sounds like Kanye is ready to put his mark and style on the design world. 

Expanding into architecture seems to have been a longtime dream of Kanye’s and he has previously dabbled in the industry by opening DONDA prior to his fashion label, which was also an architecture company. 

Yeezy Home will become apart of his fashion company that was established in 2015 in collaboration with Adidas. Kanye is in his sixth season of Yeezy and since his first season he has been known for putting on jaw-dropping collection debut shows and selling out of his collections almost immediately. 

Image credit Allure & Marie Claire