How to live like a Greek goddess with Millie Elder-Holmes

From the dreamy coastlines and the delicious food to the historical architecture and cosy little villages, there's no denying that a visit to Greece is on all of our bucket lists. Whether you're a city dweller or an island resider, there's a side of Greece that's waiting for you. But, before you jet off learn how to live, eat and play like a Greek goddess with tales from Millie Elder-Holmes during her residence in Molyvos, Greece. 

Owner of Clean Eats NZ and one of our favourite foodies, Millie has embraced the Greek lifestyle from morning to evening for the past year. Waking up at 8am to avoid the intense heat, her morning ritual starts with a tall glass of freshly squeezed lemon water mixed with a pinch of turmeric and cayenne pepper. Her morning mindfulness and yoga session consists of using Yoga Cards and keeping track of her hopes, affirmations, ideas and upcoming events in a personal diary. This is then followed by breakfast with friends at the harbour or a homemade special of eggs, vegetables and avocado. And of course, you cannot forget the traditional Greek coffee - a freddo cappuccino. 


As the afternoon rolls around, lunch can be quite the event. From 2pm to 5pm the local harbour is packed with people enjoying their Sunday lunch. Millie often enjoys a stroll down the old cobbled roads to the harbour where she meets her friends for an afternoon indulging in a rich array of seafood. Depending on where you are in Greece the lunchtime menu can vary. In a seaside village, you can expect an abundance of fresh seafood whereas up in the mountains, locals dine on the likes of slow cooked rabbit in red sauce or soft grilled lamb chops. Millie particularly enjoys fresh calamari bought from the local fisherman for a quick, homemade snack. As the shops begin to close and the locals start to head home to sleep and eat some more, Millie loves to use this 'siesta time' to go for a refreshing swim or workout on the beach. 


With dinner in Greece starting anywhere between 9pm to 11.30pm and consisting of tapas and copious amounts of ouzo and wine, Millie has found this tradition hard to adapt to and therefore reserves it to the weekend. Throughout the week she prefers to dine on homemade vegetarian meals and Greek salads made with fresh vegetables from her dad's garden. Her evenings end with meditation and positive visualisation which help her go to sleep with a positive mindset. Both her Shakti acupressure mat and some deep belly breathing help her fall asleep ready to conquer tomorrow's adventures. 

Check out Millie's full story in our latest issue on page 308. 


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