Could heels be the next accessory for men?

The face of fashion never fails to surprise us with crazy trends and spontaneous evolutions but 2017 has brought us a whole new renovation of men's fashion. For the last couple of centuries, men's wear has stayed within its realm of classic silhouettes, fabrics and colours but since then, it has caught up with the ever-changing women's fashion - quite literally.

Thanks to fashion icons like Pharell Williams, Jaden Smith and even Harry Styles, traditional men's fashion is being challenged. Whether it's blurring the lines of gender or inventing new shapes and fits, these stars are redefining the fashion industry. This evolving platform opens up new possibilities for men's fashion as well as breaks out of the pre-defined and outdated societal norms surrounding masculinity. 

Back in May, Harry Styles attended a BBC radio appearance wearing heeled loafers. This made us wonder: is modern fashion taking a 360-degree turn around that is destroying all gender stereotypes (women should wear heels and skirts and men should wear shirts and pants)? On top of that, last year Young Thug made a fashion statement by appearing on the cover of his mixtape 'NO, My Name is Jeffrey' in an Alessandro Trincone dress. Young Thug says, "You could be a gangster with a dress. Or you could be a gangster with baggy pants. I don't feel like it's no such thing as gender." 

We're all for the extravagant changes happening in the men's world of fashion and we won't be all that surprised when we start seeing more skirts and heels being worn by not only the females but the males as well.      

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