Grabaseat Goodness At Your Fingertips

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 12.02.49 PMWords by Catrin Owen One thing you can count on is that no matter how good something is… it’s even better in an app! That’s why we’re super stoked to see that Grabaseat have gone ‘app-happy’ by putting themselves right at your fingertips with the brand spanking new Air New Zealand Grabaseat app. If you’re anything like us, you spend a good chunk of how your workday dreaming about a getaway, constantly refreshing the Grabaseat website for a chance to whip away at the drop of a hat. The Grabaseat app now lets you continue your daydreaming at the coffee shop… or when you’re in line at the supermarket… or under the table at that painful family dinner! What’s better… it’s absolutely free. Whether you have an iPhone, an Android or a Blackberry, you can get amongst all the Grabaseat goodness by downloading the app through your appropriate app store. And get more information about the Air New Zealand Grabaseat app here. Happy daydreaming!