Get your luxury fix at this remote new Arizona desert hotel

The desert is probably one of the most underrated luxury locations there is but surprisingly there are a lot of getaways on offer like this soon to be luxurious hotel located in a secret part of Arizona’s Sonoran desert. 

A British visualisation studio has given a sneak peak into the new super mysterious hotel. Architect Henry Goss is the brains and intelligence behind the new design.

Minimalism is obviously key here, the building will be crafted from two long blocks that will overlap to form a two story space. They will use only exposed concrete, wood and glass apart of the material palette to create a sense of simple luxury.

Ambiguity between indoor-outdoor flow is also the key, so they’ve featured pool spaces brimming the insides of the building and outdoor lounges surrounding a fire place while keeping the colour palette neutral to go hand in hand with the landscape. 

It’s no doubt that the hotel will have a prime location looking over some of the most stunning landscapes and we wouldn’t want any angle of this beauty to be blocked off.

To ensure that no view is out of sight, concrete fins have been inserted between the floor and roof so you’ll always be able to look over the pool, the desert or be able to catch that dreamy sunset no matter where you are in the hotel.

This hotel is for the rich, the really (really) rich and will be able to cater for up to four couples at a time.  While there is no per-night price available yet, we already no we probably won’t be able to afford a room here as their customer market are those that like to spend millions on New York penthouses. 

(Images from Dezeen)