Everything you need to know about the new iPhone

As September rolls around every year, so does the launch of the brand new iPhone. But this year iPhone has not released one phone, not even two, but THREE new iPhones - making it that much harder for us to be up to date with the latest and greatest technology. 

This year marks ten years since the first ever iPhone was released in 2007 and now is their biggest selling item within the Apple company. Introducing the 8 and the 8 Plus, as well as the iPhone X. Like the previous models, they're water-resistant (up to 30 minutes of submersion, 1 meter deep) and very sadly, the headphone jack has not made a comeback. 

Something that has me slightly concerned is the glass back and front, meaning they have doubled the amount of space that can crack when dropping your phone (eek), but do not fear, the glass is reinforced by steel and is "the most durable glass ever in a smartphone" according to Apple. But this also means that they have introduced wireless charging - meaning you can scroll aimlessly on your phone whilst charging! 

For all you selfie takers, the iPhone 8 can capture photos faster and with more colour. The new flash also has a "Slow Sync" which helps to get those backgrounds into focus. It also has a wide angle, telephoto lens and dual-lens camera for the new Portrait Mode feature, which adds a little blur to the images background. They are also proud to boast that the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have the "highest quality video recorder ever in a smartphone."

Also with the iPhone X forget the home button, the screen which now covers the whole face of the phone, has facial recognition, meaning you only need to look at your phone to be able to access it - which slightly scares me but is also super convenient for iPhone users. 

The spanking new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus starts at $1,249 and $1,449 and the X will set you back $1,799 and are available from the 15th of September.