Customise your coffee machine with Nespresso Pixie Clips

Pixie Clips Coat Hangers Nespresso is embracing their customers' personal style through the launch of their new Pixie Clips machine. With interchangeable side panels, this stylish baby can be adapted to suit individual styles or the latest design trends. The machine can be bought with either white and neon coral or black and neon lemon side clips but 11 additional clips are available in a range of colours, designs and finishes, allowing you to give your Nespresso a makeover at any time. Oh and it goes without saying that the coffee from this little number has the premium quality, taste and aroma we’ve come to expect from Nespresso. We got three coffee-consuming babes to pick five of their fave new items to match their own new Nespresso Pixie Clip machine. Amber Peebles, Jaime Ridge and Maddy Budd chose the panels Chess, Flavour and Jean respectively to currently feature on the side of their machines.   Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 11.44.31 am   Amber Peebles
  1. FLOX art
  2. LIAM pantsuit
  3. REPUBLIC HOME pillow
  4. KAREN WALKER socks
  Jaime Ridge
  1. DIOR sunglasses
  2. ZIMMERMAN jacket
  3. RUBY ring
  4. CHLOE shorts
  5. DIOR bag
  Maddy Budd
  1. HUFFER dress
  2. RUBY coat
  3. JULIETTE HOGAN sweater
  4. WORKSHOP pants
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