40 First World Problems That Will Make You Say Same

We trip over them first thing in the morning and kiss them goodnight last thing at night; first world problems.

Whether it is your cheese hardening in the fridge or your favourite place not being on Uber Eats, we can all relate over these ridiculous problems that stain our everyday lives.

How many make you say same?

  1. It's boiling hot outside but freezing in the air-conditioned office or lecture theatre
  2. When you try all the free Wi-Fi in the area but none of them will connect
  3. When you can’t open a bag of chips because your fingers are too greasy from the first bag of chips
  4. Your brie cheese hardens in the fridge
  5. When you’re already in bed with freshly brushed teeth and you feel an urge to snack
  6. When you pick up your phone to check the time then put down your phone after checking Facebook, Instagram and Snapchatting without knowing what the time is
  7. When the pizza box doesn’t fit in the fridge
  8. When you are left on hold when calling a company and they have a terrible taste in waiting music
  9. Earphones getting tangled up in your bag
  10. When your favourite place to eat is not on Uber Eats
  11. Chipped nail polish
  12. When you wear a jacket to the bars and then you have to hold on to it the entire night
  13. When no-one replaced the toilet paper roll
  14. When you can’t find the end of the cellotape
  15. When you lay on your side and your phone screen rotates
  16. When the plug socket is way too far from the bed
  17. Being seated in front of a child on a plane
  18. Your clothes are at the dry cleaners and you’re too lazy to pick them up
  19. When you remember the tea you brewed 2 days ago is still on the kitchen bench
  20. When your hair sticks to your lip balm in the wind
  21.  When storage or update reminders pop up on your phone
  22. Having to watch a movie on your phone because of whatever reason
  23. When your phone drops on your face while you’re doing some last minute scrolling before bed
  24. When you type out your whole password but the box wasn’t even selected
  25. When you want to enjoy the sun but don’t want to enjoy the sunscreen
  26. When you reach over 10 likes on Instagram and have to hide your face out in public
  27. Cold leather car seats in winter
  28. Burning leather car seats in summer
  29. When your name isn’t on a Coke bottle
  30. When you buy new shampoo but forget to bring it in the shower with you
  31. When you run out of data
  32. When you’re hungry and someone offers you fruit
  33. When you have to juggle work, university, a social life, a family life and still make dinner for yourself at the end of everyday
  34. When no one likes your Facebook status
  35. When you want to eat chips during a movie but then you can’t hear over the crunching
  36. When you rip through your toast with cold butter
  37. When you go to the bathroom and forget to bring your phone, so you’re forced to read the back of a product bottle
  38. When there’s more chip than there is dip
  39. When you enter a room but forget why you’re there
  40. When you have more clothes than hangers

Photo source: Theodysseyonlne.com