New Issue Preview: A Sneak Peek Into Our Shoot With Shapeshifter

Even though we got to work with some epic women on our latest issue, including the likes of Rita Ora and Melanie Blatt, we also got to work with some equally epic gentlemen.
The boys from Shapeshifter were one of the highlights, so we thought we'd give you a preview of our shoot and interview with them! "Tiki [Taane] is an incredible artist with lots of integrity and he knows his shit! When we started... we were challenging him in that sense but were also giving him a project to hone and test his sound engineering skills out. He's a beast! - P Diggs "Our inspirations are definitely not just isolated to NZ, like we take a lot of influence from around the world, from experiences, from people and from listening to music. Everything can be inspiring and get the juices flowing from a market in Shanghai to a walk in the bush." - Devin Abrams "[New album 'Delta'] is a progression but it is still definitely Shapeshifter. It was a balance of being able to explore more. If you compare it to our first album it's got a similar sound and vibe. It's also about respecting our heritage and it's that kind of balance we need to look out for." - Nick Robinson  
For the full story and to see these dapper boys in all their glory, pick up the latest issue of Remix on sale now! To buy Shapeshifter's incredible new album Delta or to check out dates for their upcoming nationwide tour, or