Missed Mother's Day? Here's how to get back in her good books

Most of the time, Facebook is kind enough to send us a notification for each important birthday/anniversary/holiday in our lives, but sometimes when you're a little dusty on a Sunday, even Facebook isn't enough - we know a few of us missed Mother's Day this year!

Luckily, Partridge Jewellers has just released a bunch of glittering goodies to make you the ultimate gift-giver no matter the occasion - even if you're late!

With their latest collection, Partridge delivers a range of oh-so-dreamy princess pieces that are both modern and timeless. The main characters are 18 carat rose gold and fine claw diamonds, but small rows of brown diamonds, white moonstones and yellow gold also make appearances. 

The interesting angles featured on rings and bangles keep this collection far from old-school, while pear-shaped diamonds and fine gold figure-eights have us dreaming of tiaras and wishing our princes would appear with any of these pieces in hand (hint, hint!). 

Why wouldn't you want to make Mum or another loved one feel like the queen or princess they are? These goodies will keep you in the good books for years, because royalty never goes out of style. 

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