The REAL reason Gigi and Katy were missing at the VSFS

The Victoria’s Secret Angel’s took to the runway yesterday in Shanghai, China but when the extravagant fashion event finally comes to air in a week there will be some faces missing from the bunch. 

Unfortunately Gigi Hadid will not be joining her sister Bella and all the other Angels this year due to speculated Visa issues. After being asked back to the fashion show for the third year in a row, Gigi took to Instagram to express that it was “a dream come true”. She has most recently taken to Twitter to inform her fans she will not be joining her Victoria’s Secret family. 


While she didn’t state why it is she will not be attending many have claimed that her absence was due to a video gone viral of her squinting her eyes while holding a Buddha which was deemed highly offensive. 

The headline performance act of the fashion show, Katy Perry, was also denied access into China therefor not being able to make it to Shanghai. During a previous performance in Taiwan the pop-star wore a sunflower dress which stands as an anti-China symbol. 

It seems as though several bloggers and influencers were also having a hard time getting into the country and four other models have been denied, including newbie Dasha Khlystun.

(Images: Cosmopolitan & Vogue)