It's time to celebrate The Future of Air!

The time has come around again, to celebrate the king... of shoes, that is. The Nike Air Max, recognised around the globe as one of the most iconic shoes of this day, is more than just footwear. It is a representation of rebellion and freedom sported and formed by the brands and individuals who delve into the depths of superior design.

On March 26th, the supremacy of this shoe will be celebrated, this year, for its 30th anniversary. Rather than celebrating the history of the shoe like previously, the celebration will encompass The Future of Air. Being a brand of constant innovation, toasting to the future goes without saying.

Nike has joined forces with a crew of like-minded rebels to explore their industry and to create a unique variation of their Future of Air.

These rebels include the likes of BAYNK, who created a mini-music video to one of his newest tracks ‘Find You’, putting a spotlight on each NZ Air Max Month release. The video was shot and edited by Connor Pritchard, recognised for his unique take on videography. Connor represented the Air Max styles with a youthful and unique approach.


Andrew J. Steel is also included in the mix, known for his quirky cartoon-like figures dispersed amongst city walls. Constantly on his feet, sneakers are crucial, which is why Andrew is creating an exclusive one-off art piece reflecting the past, present and future of Nike Air Max and to celebrate Air Max Day.


George Wilkins and Will McCallum, the pair who add a unique twist to equipment and life tools, decided to give a basketball hoop a full-blown makeover with leather instead of rope netting, and a charred-black finish to a wooden backboard using a Japanese wood-burning technique to accomplish the look. The hoop was created by collaborating the Japanese atmos brand and Nike on their feet- the Air Max atmos Elephant.


Finally, the rebel Ben Bay and so-called Master of Max, used his knowledge, history, and opinions on the Future of Air in a mini-documentary.

Nike is encouraging us all to participate in the contest “Vote Forward”, displaying concepts that re-vamp existing Air Max styles developed by creatives all over the globe. From the 17th of March you will be able to vote for the concept you want to see for Air Max Day 2018. Head here to vote now!