The Most Fun You Can Have Dying

By Steven Fernandez Following the media preview of The Most Fun You Can Have Dying there was a silence that fell across the theatre as the audience processed the final moments of an engrossing story that took the viewer on a whirlwind journey from rural New Zealand through Hong Kong, London, Paris, Munich, Monaco and Venice. Based on the novel Seraphim Blues by Kiwi author by Steven Gannaway, Dying is the story of terminally-ill twenty-something Michael (played by Matt Whelan, Go Girls) as he seeks adventure and decadence in the final months of his battle with liver cancer. Using funds raised for an experimental treatment by the community, Michael is running from the law and his life when he meets the equally spirited Sylvie (played by French actress Roxane Mesquida). The tale follows their journey together through Europe and the lifelong friendship Michael shares with best friend David (Pana Hema Taylor) as his condition declines. Written and directed by Kirstin Marcon (She's Racing and Picnic Stops) as her debut feature film, Dying is a brave and bold undertaking - a deep story to tell with as many highs as there are lows. Kirstin not only does the novel great justice but adds her unique flare with a number of aesthetically beautiful scenes and shots. The film is as much an advertisement for the European adventure as it is an homage to the warmth of home in New Zealand. It's a universal love story with a set of circumstances that make it captivating for all. Yet for Kiwis there's an added layer of laughs and tears that seem reserved just for us. The Most Fun You Can Have Dying, written and directed by Kirstin Marcon and starring Matt Whelan, Roxane Mesquida and Pana Hema Taylor will be released nationwide on April 26, 2012. Contains drug references, nudity and violence. To win tickets to a Remix preview screening of the film click here!   The Most Fun You Can Have Dying