Enjoy the details of the Remix Gala with Isadia Florals, Little Wolf, and Designer Wardrobe 

Enjoying the finer details in life is key, and the Remix Gala wasn’t short of subtle and not-so-subtle decorations and detailing, curating the perfect venue to celebrate our 25th Anniversary. 

With the dress code being black-tie, the Remix Team couldn’t fall short of wearing something grand, and our garments provided by Designer Wardrobe helped us look in top form, making our nights all that more special. The grandiose flora and fauna arrangements from Isadia Floral embellished St-Matthews-in-the-City, evoking a sense of warmth and freshness for attendees to enjoy. Little Wolf Catering provided impeccable food, including buttery and flaky mini pies, prosciutto-wrapped prawns, and fries served in a customised Remix Magazine french fry cup.

Take a look at the photos below: