Most anticipated movie releases of 2019

With our hectic day to day schedules, there is nothing better than heading to the cinema for some time out and to devour a big buttery popcorn, a bag of lollies and lose ourselves in something new for a couple of hours.


With some action, romance and some classic Disney films there’s something for everyone. Whether it’s a date, spending time with friends or some good old self-love, these are the movies you’ll want to be heading to this year, we can hardly wait!




A film that exudes girl power. Marvel Studios' first female-led superhero film introduces Brie Larsen as Captain Marvel. Larsen stars as Carol Danvers, A former U.S air force pilot with superpowers believed to be the most powerful we have seen yet, did I say girl power?! Danvers joins the Kree military team Starforce before returning home when the earth is caught in the center of an intergalactic fight. We can’t wait to see how this story unravels and what it may tell us about the Avengers Endgame. This will be one action filled film you won’t want to miss.


DUMBO - March 

A nostalgic journey for adults and a spectacular film for the kids is Tim Burton’s 2019 update of the classic Dumbo, one of Disney’s first original films. A stellar cast adds to the story-telling of the little elephant's journey from laughing stock to the star of the circus. The characters come to life with CGI technology that will have you laughing one minute and reaching for your tissues the next. Dumbo will once again be a household name.



The anticipated next installment of the Marvel Avengers is almost here. After the crazy cliff-hanger ending of Infinity War, we have been waiting to find out what happens next. The remaining Avengers assemble to undo Thano’s actions and restore the Universe. The trailer shows Tony Stark adrift in space while Thor, Black 
Widow, Captain America, and Bruce Banner find a way to bring back the vanished allies. This movie will definitely have you on the edge of your seats.



A Mexican legend comes to life in the terrifying new movie release, The Curse of the Weeping Women. The story goes that a woman who after killing herself and her children is stuck between realms where she kills other children to replace her own. The movie centers around a social worker and her two children in LA in the 70s, the next chosen ones. Is there escape for them, find out if you dare but don't go alone. 



The Disney live-action adaption we have all been waiting for. Another film from our childhood is coming back and this is one of our favorite’s, we can’t wait to be singing along to a whole new world and Arabian nights again. The movie is full of all the same drama of the original with flying carpets, magic lamps, a beautiful Princess, a villain and of course the adventurous hero. Directed by Guy Ritchie and starring Will Smith as the Genie, you won’t want to give this a miss.


TOY STORY 4 - June

Adventure back into the world of toys with Toy Story's fourth release. A movie for young and old that has a new toy joining the gang. Keanu Reeves, Jordan Peele, Tony Hale, and Patricia Arquetteare are the new voices joining the crew and will bring lots of new twists and turns to the story. With a family road trip, there is sure to be lots of action, adventure and lessons to be learned along the way.



Another Disney live-action remake hitting the screens this year is the beloved film from our childhood, The Lion King. The familiar characters look a little more lifelike thanks to CGI. The soundtrack being re-worked by Elton John with the help of Beyoncé will have us singing along all over again. With a star-studded cast consisting of Beyoncé, Donald Glover, Seth Rogan, James Earl Jones and more, this film is sure to give us all the feels.