Did someone say Spice Girls Reunion Tour?


Following Victoria Beckham's teaser Instagram post earlier this week, it seems like we may be getting the Spice Girls comeback tour we '90s kids have been so desperately praying for! 

Baby, Sporty, Scary, Ginger and Posh cuddled up for a snap shared on the fashion mogul's feed, making it abundantly clear the iconic girl group still have nothing but love for each other, with Victoria writing: "Love my girls!!! So many kisses!!! X Exciting x".

What she's excited about remains unclear, but rumours are rife that the band may be planning a world tour to kick off late in the Northern Hemisphere's summer. 

TMZ sources claimed the Spice Girls would take to the stage in England, followed by a US leg of the tour. No new songs are likely to be recorded, nor would a Vegas residency be happening. 

Much like the 1997 hit chick flick Spice World, the girl gang's tour will be managed by a notable industry insider, in this case Simon Fuller - the man behind American Idol. Sources have noted he's organising the tour due to his love of the girls and the group. 

While tour plans are still in their infancy, we're already planning on renewing our passports and making a beeline for the Northern Hemisphere, stat! Especially since we're told merchandising opportunities connected to the tour are also likely. 

Each Spice Girl stands to make up to £10 million each, with Victoria rumoured to be injecting this back into her fashion business. 

To celebrate, we've compiled a list of our fave Spice Girls' music videos to Spice Up Your Life!