Bella Hadid admits the truth behind her lavish Instagram lifestyle

Now we can finally understand how model Bella Hadid seems to have more play than work and still be one of the world's most in demand models. Turns out she had us all fooled with her gallivanting around the globe on Instagram. While all of these posts are true, and she does travel the globe A LOT, she admitted that she does do a lot of #throwbackthursday's. 

In just the last few weeks, we have seen Bella at the Met Ball, jumping out of airplanes, boarding private jets and driving luxury cars in Dubai.


Driving to Abu Dhabi ❤️???

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But Bella told Compelo; "It’s crazy because it looks like I have a lot of down time and a lot of vacations. Especially when people look at my pictures online. But the thing is that I don’t post every day when I’m working but I will post old pictures from previous trips and things which makes it look like I’m on vacation a lot of the time, when actually I’m at work." 


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Bella also says she does not have a lot of time off between her busy schedule and only takes a maximum of two days off every week. "People think that in between I have so much time off but I only ever take two days off every two weeks, at the maximum." 

She also admits; "I’m a workaholic, I really love it but I’m exhausted a lot and it really takes a toll on you sometimes. But then when I go to sleep every night I think I’m so grateful and lucky but even though it gets really hard. I am so blessed but I do worry that it could all come to an end." 

Although we can easily say we would happily have Bella's lifestyle with all the glitz and glamour, it definitely is not all the play we imagined!