All the discontinued foods that made a comeback

Everyone please remain calm and practice steady breathing, we are here to report that the rumours are in fact true, cult-fave Caramilk is back for good from early October. 

It seems the choc-gods have finally come to their senses and acknowledged that Caramilk is the most-loved of the wider Cadbury family, and have agreed to restock the shelves on the 2nd of October. 


If we cast our minds back to 2018, we may have memories of people so bonkers for the sacred sweetie, they were selling the rare treat for absurd amounts of money online. 


Long story short, it got me thinking, what other delights were cruelly ripped from our grasps, only to make a surprise appearance years later. Here’s a brief list of the (momentarily discontinued foodstuffs). 


The Fruju Tropical Snow 

All the refreshing flavours of a hot summers day. 

The McFlurry

The Georgie Pie 

Basically rising from the dead after a THIRTEEN YEAR absence. 

So, the moral of the story is this; if you ever feel like your voice isn’t heard, just look at the list above. That’s people power. That’s democracy in action. That’s justice. 


So please, Pascal’s hear our prayers, and return the creme de la creme of discontinued consumer goods: