Waves With Magic Micro Wand

cloud_nine_sass_bide_backstage_3Mimi Kelly is the artistic director/owner of Killer Hair, Newton. She’s an award-winning hair colourist and makeup artist. Every week Mimi will be doing what she does best ... give her opinion. Cloud Nine are famous for there straightening irons and 'less heat more style.' Creating hair tools like the  'O', a revolutionary hot roller system and 'The Wand', a curling tong without the tong, the brand has added a new baby to the family: 'Micro Wand.' A friendly, easier to use version of the big daddy wand, the micro means take anywhere style and DIY hair do's. Giving the same bouncy, beachy, boho waves, the Micro Wand has a more organic feel than your straightening iron curl. So I thought first up that it was super cute and though the wand itself is smaller, the good news is the handle is full sized. The original wand gave an amazing finished look but was a bit of a struggle, and burning your finger was imminent. The smaller version does pose the same threat but I got used to what to do pretty quickly. You need section clips so you have all attention on the hair your curling without the rest getting in the way, and big sections give you the best result. The Micro Wand gives great root lift so I took advantage of this through the crown area and had 'stay all day' volume. My hair is currently a long bob so the back was a touch tricky with a few 'OW's' as I got my ends tucked in, but I believe if your hair was longer it would be much easier. I added some  product, shook it out and then rolled my ends into a soft bun at the nape, and got compliments all day! In summer this will be a perfect tool for hair that is shoulder length or longer who want that movement on the ends look. It will  be great to pump volume into any hair. Although it takes a few tries to master, it is worth the effort and gives a gorgeous tousled curl which I love. So with a bit a practice you can save a ton on blowdries and get your micro wand in Cloud Nine salons for $250. These are in store from November, so it will be a goodie for the Christmas wish list. X Mimi